You wouldn’t believe what these drinks can do in summers!

Summer is here and so is the time to drink countless glasses of water. You come home on a hot afternoon, you drink water. You go out, you take a bottle of water along with you. You sit at work, you spend a large amount of time refilling your water glass. But, don’t you get bored of drinking regular water? We bring you 12 refreshing drinks to help you beat the summer heat.

Aam Panna

The tangy and tasty drink is the perfect summer thirst quencher. The only sad part is that this tasty drink is available only during the summer season. Sweet and tangy at the same time, aam panna is easy to make and has become a very popular street drink now. Drink this healthy beverage to beat the summer heat.

Imli Ka Paani

Doesn’t the mere mention of tamarind make your mouth water? This summer, try out the tamarind juice which will give your taste buds that much needed twist. It will not only keep your summer spirit alive, but it will also keep you healthy and hydrated. This summer instead of going the soda way, quench your thirst with the Desi Imli Ka Paani.


Lassi is considered to be a gem in Punjabi recipes, no Punjabi household lives without Lassi during the summer. To add a twist to the taste and give a pinkish tinge to your glass of lassi, you can even add the age old RoohAfza to it. Nothing can beat the satisfaction that a glass of home lassi offers. Go ahead, drink up!

Naariyal Paani

A sip of this miracle drink and you feel refreshed. This natural, chemical free and delicious health drink not only quenches your thirst when it’s boiling outside, but it also is fat-free and great for your body. This super drink is so much better than your regular sugary sodas and beer cans.


Spiced buttermilk during the scorching summer months is one of the best thirst quenchers. Chaach is low fat and is three times faster to digest than your regular milk. This cool and refreshing drink keeps you hydrated on a hot day and also helps in digestion.

Ganne ka Ras

This super drink cannot only help you get rid of the sweltering heat but will also keep you far away from diseases. Not only does sugarcane juice helps you in getting that boost of energy, it also helps in keeping your body cool when it’s way too hot outside.

Pudine ka Sharbat

One of the best summer drinks to beat the summer heat is by drinking pudine ka sharbat. This refreshing summer beverage is made by mixing lemon and mint. Not only can you drink this thirst quencher to refresh yourself but it will also boost your digestion.


Who doesn’t love the one and only Shikanji or lemonade, as we call it? Easy to make, delicious, and healthy, Shikanji is the drink you must consume during the summer season. Squeeze a few drops of lemon, add salt and sugar, soda if you have some and shikanji masala and enjoy India’s favourite thirst quencher.

Jal Jeera

Jal jeera is another popular Indian drink which is loved by many. The drink is simply perfect for summer days and those heavy luncheons. The perfect combination of lemon juice, cumin, black pepper, rock salt, is great for your health and offers many benefits. Quench your thirst with this not so sweet thirst quencher.

Sattu Sharbat

The poor man’s food, sattu is a popular flour in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, which is usually consumed uncooked. This flour makes one of the tastiest and healthiest summer drinks. Sattu has cooling properties and is good for the digestive system. If you didn’t know, it is also considered to be a detox drink, which helps in cleansing your system.

Kokum Sharbat

Kokum, the tropical fruit, which resembles a plum is only grown in India. The fruit is used as a souring agent in place of Amchur. But did you know, this tangy fruit is also used to make delicious, cold beverages. Kokum Sharbat is a popular drink in India to help you beat the blazing summer heat.

Bel Ka Sharbat

Bel ka Sharbat or Wood Apple Juice is one of the best thirst quenchers for the summer season. It not only keeps your body hydrated, but it also protects you from heat strokes. If you didn’t know, Bel ka Sharbat is good for your skin as well. This season, stay healthy and hydrated by drinking this Indian juice.

Go ahead ang give yourself a tasty cooling experience with the Indian style cooling drinks.


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