‘The Ugly Indians’ are making Bangalore Beautiful

One of the most noticeable changes is happening from one of the very popular “group of anonymous people” called “The Ugly Indian”. They are making our city a bit more beautiful day by day. No matter which part of the city they might be living in, I am sure people in Bengaluru might have noticed some shapes shown below which reminds you of geometric puzzles or illusions we used to try to crack in our school days. They are mostly on public properties like Flyover pillars, Namma Metro pillars, Walls of govt offices, railway station compound, public toilets etc..,

main-qimg-abe5d1c4283775add1a50aca76fcb073-c [Original Size].jpg
They are doing mind-blowing job of involving citizens along with govt agencies like BBMP, BDA etc.., and getting the work done. Their job is simple. Clean a spot in such a way that there should be no trace of garbage or posters which used to be in the same spot earlier. They generally do it in one day or two days and generally over the weekends. They have a facebook page where they send invitation well in advance to interested people to join them. We can subscribe to be a volunteer and then go or not go, it’s up to us. They anyways get the work done using other volunteers. They make it an interesting activity so that people who are passing by can just stop and contribute for whatever time they wish. Who doesn’t like to paint a wall for free given a chance. Its interesting. Facebook post sample below.


They will never ask you money for paint, brushes, brooms, mask etc.., They will get all these along with urban planning experts including govt officers and politicians in some cases. You just need to give a part of your time on the weekend.

main-qimg-4269b94dce20626e7dd292f5b296ce4d-c [Original Size]
They believe that once the spot is clean it is tough to make it dirty again. But if the spot is having garbage, people continue to add more garbage which is proven after they have calculated for how many days the spot remains garbage/litter free. It’s amazing that it remains so once it is clean.

main-qimg-a1f69c2081a3d452ec35b80844ad8af9-c [Original Size]
Also, they do some jugaad. Look at how they have converted abondoned/broken water pipes into dustbins to throw cigarette butts, tea glasses or banana skin in the pan shops.

main-qimg-050db3fba84ddf82f0dcf79752e6cac8-c [Original Size]

And finally, do watch this TEDx video from the person who started it if you haven’t watched it yet.


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