Safety for solo female travellers in Goa

Solo female travellers coming to India, often are a little nervous to come to Goa alone since it’s known as a party place. In fact, Goa is a great place to travel alone whether female or male. I can see why people are nervous though so here are some tips for solo female travel in Goa and safety information.

This is what I get asked about most. Of course I can never say 100% that nothing bad can happen, but in general, yes it is safe to take a Government taxi when you arrive in Goa.

You just head out of the baggage claim to a long line of people buying their taxi ticket. You can pay with card, but you need cash to pay the extra tax to the driver. You can guess a ride anywhere in Goa from the airport would be between 1,300 and 2,000 Rs. There are not rickshaws here, just taxis. It’s a cost you have no choice but to pay. It is best to use this service than walking outside and arguing with drivers for the best price, which is not always the case in other areas of India.

The biggest issue you’ll have with getting a scooter alone as a girl is being ripped off by the sales person. They might think you are an easy target. Scooter rentals should be around 150 Rs per day if you are taking it for multiple days or up to 300 Rs. per day if you are taking it for 1 day only.

You have to wear a helmet or the police might pull you over and give you a ticket.

There are such a variety of beach huts. If you are travelling  alone I recommend you stay in ones a little off the beach that are made with concrete or wood and have doors that lock. This also prevents theft, which is the biggest issue with the beach huts. I have met many travellers who had their huts broken into

However Goa has a lot to offer to ever kind of traveller. Which is why it is a must visit for every traveller. From places to visit in Goa like the Terekhol fort,Chapora fort, Corjuem fort and the end number of beaches to the things you can do and the events you can attend, there is a lot to know about and Explore in Goa.


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