By Shritika Dona

1. Kasol

Image Courtesy.; SIDDHART

Overlooking the enchanting Parvati River, Kasol is the place to go if you are a big fan of serene green valleys and trekking through untouched mountainous trails. Also called the Israel of the Himalayas, Kasol is an important base for trekking towards SarPass, Yanker

2. Malana

Image Courtesy: Anshul

India’s cannabis country, this little village was isolated from the rest of the world for ages. The people there had been living in harmony with nature, an innocent pure existence with their own language, their own world, their own democracy. if you want a vacation that is as removed from the civilisation as possible, then head to Malana.

3. Kheerganga

Image Courtesy: geolocation

In the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh nestles Kheerganga in the Parvati Valley of Kullu district.The natural hot-water-spring experience and the exclusive trekking trail are some things that every traveller remembers about Kheerganga for a lifetime.

4. Jalori Jot

Image Courtesy: hillpost

The Jalori pass or the Jalori Jot is one of the still unexplored but scenic trekking trails in the Himachal. Live in the middle of nature by hiring a tent and camping out under the stars.

5. Hamta Pass

Image Courtesy: himalayanchallenges

Another lesser known trail in the heart of the Himachal is the Hamta Pass trail, with views of lush green valleys, towering snow-clad mountains and barren hills with surrealistic forms and shapes. For the ultimate adventurer, Hamta Pass trek is a great alternative to the standard vehicle route through Rohtang Pass.

6. Tirthan Valley

Image Courtesy: devilonwheels

The non-concrete paths and the forests around the valley makes it one of the most scenic wonders of India. Go for fishing in the bone chilling waters of the lakes and small streams flowing by here and you might just get lucky with a brown or rainbow trout. A trek around this place and you may be greeted by some waterfall.

7. Pabbar Valley

Image Courtesy: yashika

This mellow, little-visited valley runs northeast from tiny Hatkoti, set in rolling fields about a hundred kilometres east of Shimla. Hatkoti’s 8th-century Kinnauri-style Hatkeshwari Mata Temple, dedicated to Durga as Mahishasurmardini (slayer of the buffalo demon Mahishasur), and the neighbouring Shiva temple, are well worth a trip, especially when Shaivite pilgrims convene during the Chaitra Navratra and Asvin Navratra festivals in April and October.

8. Chindi

Image Courtesy: Ranjeel

Hillsides covered with thick forests, acres filled with apple orchards small picturesque hamlet and remarkable views in all directions combine to make Chindi and the area around it, one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. This pocket is still off the beaten track and yet has good facilities in terms of roads, small markets and accommodation.

9. Daranghati Sanctuary

Image Courtesy: himachalwatcher

Complete with undisturbed forest areas and an abundance of flora and fauna, the Daranghati Sanctuary in Himachal is a slightly more offbeat travel destination for nature and animal lovers alike. The best way to explore the sanctuary is by reaching the nearest forest chowki in the village Kashapaat, where you can get a forest rest house.

10. Barot Valley


Constituting of just a cluster of homes nestled in a valley, Barot isn’t your traditional vacation spot. Which is why it makes for the most perfect and genuine Himachal experience. Walk around the entire village to soak in the true mountain culture. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make a short trip to the Uhl River.

So which of these lesser known places in Himachal Pradesh are you heading to for your next holidays?


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