Hills are home for vagabonds

That air made me even trippier,

KASOL the nerve racking place in Himachal, India.

I always relate myself with hippies and it does make me feel freer towards life. The freedom and thoughts took me to 9 clouds. No we did not smoke it was the company and the free spirit of  the Russian and the Israeli people and the energy of that place that made us high.

Days in kasol are like the sunshine for the blind and the sounds are constantly broken by the techno music far away in the woods ,and I’ll never forget the emerging shadows from the woods that took us with them, it was late evening and the pitch of the sound became pleasing to the ears and the next thing is lights that could make you forget the sunshine. the next day we were out


The Hike and the bike

The same adventure friend of mine and i were on a new adventure of ours which was of bike rides that was the main motto of our trip, the new years eve was tough it was rush hour and we had no place to sleep. So we had no shelter in an unknown city, eventually we had an hotel lobby for a stay it was the best thing that could happen .That saved us so much money that we could afford a bike ride a next day. We could go anywhere so we went for the end of the road THE SOLANG VALLEY. End of road hiked to the top for the amazing view and rest was history.


Hills got me this time

We went for the best and the extreme adventure Up down in a day from Shimla to Chandigarh and I was the driver and the filmmaker. From my perspective they were the subject and I the director of their perspective of dreams.

We stopped at random places in between and there was a hill in the way, where we stopped when it was time for sunrise which is the golden hour for any photographer. It was a beautiful sight and we stayed for 3 long hours though we had not slept since the past 2 days. The scenic beauty and the soothing vibe of mountains was a relief from the life of the city.

There is a lot not just to see but experience in these hills, if you are a traveller then you must explore these places soon.






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