Why you should NEVER take an elephant ride

Being in the wilderness is something that we fantasize to break the monotony of the everyday life and we often plan a vacation in the wild to materialize it.
Wildlife tourism or nature tourism is eventually gaining popularity and though they serve as stress busters for the people, there us also a dark side to it.

elephants_Peter Knights.JPG

Elephant rides , loved by all, is a significant part of wildlife tourism. Be it Vietnam , Thailand, or even parts of India, people travel from all over the world to suffice their fascination for these awe-inspiring beasts.

Elephants are one of the world’s most dazzling creatures. They are also among the top abused when FORCED to entertain the tourists and general public by “giving” rides.

Regardless of whether they are conceived in bondage or stolen from the wild, elephants must be emotionally and mentally broken before individuals can climb onto their backs. Elephants who are bound for this terrible destiny are bound from the day they’re born. Despite the fact that, in the wild, elephant moms are exceptionally defensive and youths remain with their families for a considerable length of time (females for their whole lives and guys until their pre-or early adolescents), infant elephants are taken from their frantic moms so that their spirit and will can be broken.

Handlers utilize force  and domination to terrorize the elephants and tame them. they do this by making them submissive. Elephants are more than once hit with bullhooks—a substantial weapon with a sharp steel snare on the end. They either learn how to obey commands or face the agonizing results. Despite the fact that elephants are intended to roam freely with their families over long distances, hostage elephants are ordinarily kept tightly chained and isolated from their companions and friends and family.

EACH TRAVELER  who purchases a ticket or books a trip is in charge of this merciless cycle of abuse.

Raise your voice against this cruelty. Say no to Elephant rides



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