Traditional Himachali Food: Dham

Himachal Pradesh has preserved its old traditions, culture, heritage and cuisines. As food varies from region to region, they are largely based on the climate and topography of the state ..Dham is one of the most occasional traditional foods that are served in different parts of the state. These include lip smacking and mouth watering Kangri and Mandiali dhams those are more famous. These dhams also offer one with an opportunity to be acquainted with various delicacies of the state. The traditional dham differs in every region of the state but the typical menu in  Kangri Dham would start with rice, moong dal and a madra of rajma cooked in yoghurt which is prepared in unique style by adding more than a dozen spices. This is followed by mash dal , topped by sweet and sour khatta. The dham ends with the mitha (dessert) – sweet rice or mithdee (made of boondi or bread crumbs etc).The food was being cooked using the wood-fire technique, over a shallow ditch dug up out in the open. They had started cooking early in the morning.portions of ingredients like Pumpkins, paste of  Urad Daal, White Mustard Paste and spinach, kept ready from a night before.Traditional Dham is cooked only by botis (Brahmins who are hereditary chefs) and the preparation for this elaborate mid-day meal begins the night before.HimachaliDham7.jpg The utensils used for cooking the food are normally special copper ones by using special masalas. No dham  is considered complete if the menu doesn’t include Madhra, Mah and Khatta. Botis use their long culinary skills to prepare delicious dishes without using artificial colours and chemicals. The traditional dham is served in painths (lines) on pattals with people sitting on floor. All the dishes vary from one district to another as per local culture. As onions and garlic are used in abundant in any other festivities but surprisingly  Mandiali Dham is prepared without these two items. Instead a unique mixture of spices, khoya and yoghurt is used to add flavour to dishes which can beat any other dish prepared by using onion and garlic.

Without having Dham in himachal your trip to himachal pradesh is  incomplete.


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