KULLU DUSSEHRA : Relive the divine power

 kullu-kbQC--621x414@LiveMintDussehra-the festival of Truth. Dussehra also known as Vijayadashami, is an important Hindu festival which is celebrated across India in various forms. Kullu Dusshera is a seven day long extravaganza celebrated in Dhalpur maidan in Kullu. The festival symbolises the victory of Ram, the Ayodhyan king and reincarnation of Hindu god Vishnu, over the demon king Ravana, to rescue his abducted wife, Sita. It also marks the day that the Hindu goddess Durga defeated Asura king, Mahishasura, after nine days of ferocious battle.

The festival starts with an elaborate procession in which the idol of Raghunathji is taken in a ratha. One the first day of the festival, the Godess of Manali- Hadimba comes to Kullu. The goddess is taken to the palace where she blesses the royal family in a grand manner. Then Raghunathji and Hadimba are placed in a beautifully decorated chariot. After getting a signal from Mata Bhekhli, the rath is pulled with the help of ropes to a spot where it is going to stay for the remaining six days of the festival. Hundreds of Gods and Goddesses take part in the procession making the entire procession a spiritual experience for everyone. This goes on for five days. On the sixth day, all the palanquins of Gods are assembled at the place around the rath of lord Raghunathji. The rath is then pulled to the bank of Beas river, where a huge pile of dried bushes and wood is burnt. This ritual signifies the end of this grand festival. The idol of Raghunathji is taken back to the place where it was originally installed.kullu-dussehra.jpg The festival presents a great opportunity for local as well as other artisans to showcase their goods and create business opportunities. The Holy man told him that in order to eradicate the curse, he must retrieve the deity of Ragunath from Raam’s kingdom. Desperate, the king sent a Brahmin to Ayodya . One fine day the Brahmin stole the deity and set out on his journey back to Kullu. The people of Ayodya, finding their beloved Ragunath missing, set out in search of the Kullu Brahmin. On the banks of the Saryu river, they approached the Brahmin and asked him why he had taken Ragunath ji. The Brahmin recounted the story of the Kullu king. The people of Ayodya attempted to lift Ragunath, but their deity became incredibly heavy when headed back towards Ayodya, and became very light when headed to Kullu. On reaching Kullu Ragunath was installed as the reigning deity of the Kullu kingdom. After installing the deity of Ragunath, Raja Jagat Singh drank the Charan -Amrit of the deity and the curse was lifted. Jagat Singh became Lord Ragunath’s regent. This legend is connected with the Dussehra at Kullu. This deity is taken in a Ratha to the Dussehra.

You must attend this religious festival so that you also can experience the feeling of being attached with God.



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