Food items you can sneak into a boarding school!

A stressful life away from the comforts of home, that’s what boarding schools are all about. Though living in a boarding school is one of the best experiences a student can have, it is a roller coaster life which also has a dark side. 
Home-sickness, hectic schedules, stress, anxiety, and the workload can leave you exhausted. Moreover, the ‘infamous hostel food’ doesn’t help in making things better.
Here’s a list of things you can carry inside without arousing the suspicion of your warden, to tend to your occasional cravings and to spice up the dull food served.

  • Cup Noodles and Maggi


    Instant noodles are a students best friend. Be it late night hunger pangs or an afternoon snack, noodles satisfies them all and what can be better than our favorite maggi noodles ! Easy to cook and eat.

  • Coffee


    To keep you awake after a sleep deprived night or to soothe your nerves after a long tiring day, coffee is more of a necessity than a luxury. Carry coffee sachets in or a jar if you may as you will need it more than you think you do.

  • Energy/protein bars/ chocolate bars


    Life in a boarding school is a life which is always ‘on the go’
    For the days you feel low on energy or the days when you are worn out and famished, energy bars will come to your rescue

  • Nutella/jam

    Licking them off from the jars or fingers is perhaps the best hostel memory every hosteler has. Carrying nutella jars is a must if you are a chocolate lover or have a sweet tooth. Jams suffice the sweet cravings too.

  • cheese


    Everybody loves cheese! There’s a reason your mouth curves into a wide grim whenever you say it. It complements almost every food item and can even be nibbled at raw.

  • Pickles/ seasonings / chilli flakes


    This is for all the spicy food lovers. Pickles and seasonings can add flavor to the dull and lifeless meals served at the cafeteria. Sprinkle them on for a ‘food makeover’

  • Iced tea/ Tang/ GluconD sachets


    After a hectic day or on a hot afternoon, we all feel dehydrated at times. What can be better than a chilled drink made by mixing powdered flavors to chilled water!

  • Dry fruits


    Healthy , crunchy and nutritious, dry fruits can fix hunger and can also be the perfect snack to much on while having a conversation with your roommate or while flipping through pages of your text books!


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