10 apps every traveler should download right now!

1)Offline City Guides

This app has over 80 guides to the world’s most popular tourist and metropolitan destinations and the best thing about the app is that you download the guides in your smartphone so wherever you go and you can’t find an internet connection you won’t be left in the dark, because the app works with no internet connection. Use the app offline and the guides to plan your perfect trip and with so many destinations to choose from the TripAdivisor website this is like a personal tourist guide.



2)Google Translate

The Google translate apps works better than the desktop version and for basic words and phrases it’s the perfect addition to your traveling arsenal. Asking for directions, finding that place you always wanted to visit or ordering meals has never been easier now with the app. It supports 58 languages to translate in text and hear 23 foreign phrases

3)Weather Channel App

All the info you need to know about weather, anyway you want it. This application is available for Android and iOS phones and it’s free. It’s definitely one of the most popular weather applications to date, with a beautiful and very easy to use interface. You can set many locations, view the forecast for up to 10 days accurately as well as receive alerts on possible storms and other drastic weather changes before you departure so you can avoid a vacation disaster.

4)Google Maps

This is the app that can be used to navigate to different places in different cities throughout the world. This Application comes with a GPS support to make the travel easier. This app also lets us search for places to eat, stay and gives us direction also.

5)Xe Currency

This is a free app that can be used by travelers to convert currencies that exist anywhere in the world. This app uses current rates through Internet and converts with accuracy. This App can also run offline by using the last updated rates.

6)City distance

City Distance app is a simple app that gives us the distance in Kms/Miles between any two cities in the world. All you need to do is enter the source and destination cities. The source city can also be chosen automatically as current city.

7)Trip Advisor

One of the handiest all-round travel apps, Trip Advisor is more than just customer reviews of local businesses. Find travel guides to top destinations, attractions and more. You can find accommodation, restaurants and almost everything else you’d need on your trip, with a handy map, contact info and reviews.

8)Trip It

This app is ideal for those less spontaneous, who like to ensure most of their trip is all organised.Trip It is basically an online itinerary which you can organize and manage yourself to include everything from flight information to hotel booking confirmation, e-tickets, car rental info and even local maps.


An essential app for the tech-savvy backpacker, listing affordable accommodation around the world, ranging “from a private apartment to a private island,” the Airbnb is a growing community marketplace that connects you with people who have space to rent. So far there are 150,000 places listed in 190 countries. In-app messaging to guests/hosts make communication friction less, keeping all activity on your smartphone.

10)TravelSafe (Android)

As the name suggests, TravelSafe ensures you… well… travel safe by giving you a list of emergency numbers of the country you are traveling in. So wherever you go, you know your help is just a phone call away. The app also offers a pro version which lists out embassy numbers in case you lose your passport or find yourself in the midst of a crisis that requires you to jump over the embassy fence.



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