Traveller’s Guide to Bangalore.

Be it the burgeoning dining scene or the vibrant nightlife—the list of things to do in Bangalore is endless, even for those travelling alone to the city. Having undergone a drastic change over the last few years, Bangalore is so much more than just the country’s IT hub. From unassuming eating joints and heritage spots to swanky malls and hip nightclubs, Bangalore never disappoints. The amazing weather in Bangalore further adds to the awesomeness of the city. Here is a guide that’ll help solo visitors make the most of their time in the garden city.

Getting Around in Bangalore:

From ordinary buses to expensive taxis, Bangalore has a surfeit of travel options for the solo traveller. The most common way of getting around the city is by hopping on the nearest auto rickshaw that is willing to go in the direction you want to. Be prepared to haggle for the correct fare or insist that they go by metro.

Bangalore’s Cafe Culture:

There are a handful of places in Bangalore that encourage working patrons to linger on, with free wi-fi and coffee to give them company. Many of these cafe’s are popular with both business and solo travellers, the most famous being the Yoga House Cafe in Indiranagar. Doubling up as a health food cafe and yoga studio, Yoga House offers an ideal cafe-cum-work environment along with great food. You could also try out Matteo Coffea on Church Street and Cafe Pascucci on MG Road for a similar experience. Bangalore’s Church Street Social, a collaborative workspace, is also a great place for freelancers to meet new people and network.

Eat like a local:

From a community-style kitchen that churns out dishes by the second, to elegant fine-dining amidst a themed decor—these five restaurants are local favourites, and come highly recommended for their consistence in quality. No trip to Bangalore can be complete till you’ve ticked them off your list, so go ahead and eat your heart out.



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