My journey from paneer bhurji to Kadhai Paneer.

You know it feels so good when you hear stories from people about how their love story started and especially when it began with a dish. You must have heard that the way to guy’s heart goes directly from stomach. Oh ! Such indian things but trust me somehow these facts are really true. So i want to share with you guys a really cute story of a girl who specially learnt to cook for her fiance and their love story began –

“You know how to make good paneer right”, asked my fiance on one sunday morning, four months before we had to tie our wedding knot. The only homemade panner i had ever eaten was paneer ki bhurji. My mother had tried her hand in making shahi panner a couple of times but i never tasted it because one, rajmah chawal were always there to overpower it and two, i was never fond of paneers and neither was my family. I quickly recalled a famous food liner which summed up to the fact that those who love to eat it only know how to cook it good. So it was not that simple, in order to make good paneers i actually had to learn to love eating them first. I gave a call to my sister in law in delhi because the only time i actually found paneer tasty was when she made it. She gave me the recipe of kadhai paneer and i made a mental note to myself that i would make it the next day. All the girls who are on their courtship period would agree with me on this- we get so crazily involved in trying to be the best cook for your in-laws family and your own family on the other hand is stunned by how actively you start to take part in kitchen affairs. I was laughed at too. My brother and father used to make fun of me when i spent hours in kitchen just stirring the gravy which anyway was not required bacause food takes its own time to let its best flavours out. Yes i learnt it. I really fell in love with the spices, the aura and the white king, the paneer. There are not many ingredients required. You need to start with the very basic – onions and tomatoes. Make a puree of four onions, four tomatoes, 1 green chilly and a little ginger, half the size of your finger. Take a kadhai ( pan ) and put 2 tablespoons of refined oil in it. Once the oil heats up, add dried fenugreek leaves ( kasoori methi) by rubbing them in between the palms of your hands. Now add the puree mixture in the pan and let the gravy show its colours. Stir it once a while but not too frequently. Now take another pan and add just a teaspoon of oil. Add 1 onion and 1 capsicum cut in long strips and saute them. Keep it aside and check the gravy again. Once the gravy leaves its oil, add the seasonings- salt, red chilli powder, dhania powder and kitchen king. Now its time to add the magical ingredient which will give instant flavour to your kadhai paneer -1 spoonful of pizza topping. After mixing, add half cup milk and half cup fresh cream ( malaai) and stir it. Now add paneer chunks cut into squares. Cover the kadhai with a lid and keep it on a simmer flame. After about 5 minutes, take off the lid and your kadhai paneer is ready.


Eat it, relish it and most important love it.


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