To travel any country, the best way is to travel by their railways and the best and the most beautiful experience that you can have in INDIA is by travelling through the Indian Railways, the coaches in blue and engines in red, white are a spectacle.

longer the journey, more the change and more is the excitement and more is the number of amazing scenes that you witness. the longest journey that I have ever had is  from Chandigarh to Kochuveli. 

A 3 day trip that takes you through almost every state there is in india and there are a lot of scenes that you see through the journey and that makes your nerves tipoff and your eyes shoot up at the view of the valleys, it takes you through the most beautiful parts of the INDIAN RAILWAYS, that is the KONKAN RAILWAYS. 


The challenging view of nature, a journey through tunnels, a track that goes with your own, a lush area of wilderness you can imagine. A train that makes you feel all the pleasure of life. The wind blowing through your hair, the view so intoxicating, and an enchanting,miraculous spectacle that takes you to a place that is well beyond reach to you and amid all the hasty experience and all the rush you reach your destination and without you knowing it, and the safest and the most spectacular journey is that of a train.  The coach in blue becomes your home for a time period and however or how much you condemn the fact, the INDIAN RAILWAYS has been and continues to be the heart of INDIA.IMG_4878






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