Yes , Overrated Chandigarh!

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We understand that you like some place because you enjoyed there when you visited it with your best friends or you get positive vibes or the place reminds of you someone because you have some memories attached to that place or whatever the reason be ! But going to that place over and over again makes it just overrated and here are the 5 most overrated places in Chandigarh :
1. Sukhna Lake –


It is most beautiful place in Chandigarh which should be visited by everyone. The location is also good. You can see alot of people through out the day over there , enjoying boating which gives you such a good experience. But unfortunately this place has become so overrated and the vibes that you seek is just missing these days as the place remains so over crowded but trust me these young couples may still find some private space by walking and walking and walking towards the end !
2. Elante Mall –


It is the biggest mall in Punjab and the most overrated mall in Chandigarh. The mall has everything you may need , cinema, so many stores and they have bar cum lounge inside but the place remains over crowded by those people who just come there to roam around because they were getting bored and had no other place to go. Every day thousands of people visit the mall but then you come to know about the financial problem the owner suffered from. See how overrated is this !

3. Gedi route


Gedi route has so many rumours about itself. It is more popularly known by youngsters and they are the one who make it overrated. Gedi Route is nicely designed or planned area where you can see young girls and boys just roaming around on their vehicles, enjoying and wasting fuel on people whom they don’t even know but yes ! You have got it so you gotta show.
4. Market, Sector 22


If brand doesn’t matter to you , but variety does then you gotta go this place. It is basically a market where you get surprises at every shop or stall and the products you see their make you regret that you bought the same things spending thousands of rupees. It is most admired place by college going girls but the place again remains overcrowded and then the truth is you spend 3-4 hours and then you end up saying “I don’t think the quality is good “. Like exuse me madam ! ‘Itne mein itna hi milega’. Yes so the place is nothing but overrated.
5. Market , sector 17


So the place offers you most of the costlier brand outlets or stores. People usually overcrowd and overrate this place because it is a place where people just walk with 2-3 shopping bags in their hands and feel so proud as if they are only one who could purchase it and they did it. Such a great victory. The truth about this place is that though it has a number of showrooms but the great variety you may expect is not there. But yes some good things are there like Hot Millions which is the most popular  restaurant in the market.


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