Oh ! You forgot to pack me.


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Okay I know it’s the vacation time and you’re already fascinated to go to your vacation destination because you’re also getting heavy discounts on your travel packages but wait a second.. ! Did you again forget to keep those things in your bag which last time you said you will never forget to pack ?
Oh yes ! You did forget
So Through this blog i want to let you guys know that what are those 5 things we usually forget to pack before traveling so next you do not. Here it goes –
1. Phone charger


This is something without which your phone can’t survive and then phone without which you cannot survive. So why to forget it to pack ? Don’t you love your life? And also how you gonna take selfies without your phone. Think about it guys.
2. An Extra Memory Card –


You know when you reach your destination and feel so excited that you just keep clicking and clicking and clicking so many photographs. You don’t care whether it’s a perfect view or a rock or a wall and then your DSLR shows “Not enough memory ” and that’s the time you suddenly realise that you don’t have an extra memory card and then you have compromise with phone clicked photographs.
3. Copies of travel documents-


Obviously you don’t travel expecting that you will lose your passport, id proofs, registration receipt but it may happen. You never know. And your trips becomes memorable in bad terms if you don’t have a copy of your documents.
4. Earphones/ Headphones-


You know how bad experience you have when you have someone who just talks to you even if you don’t want kinda person sitting next to you in plane or train. And what makes it worse is you have no option other than just listening to them because you cannot shut their voice because you forgot to pack your earphones or headphones. So don’t forget this my friend if you don’t want to spoil your journey  !
5. Medication


If you take some kind of medication everyday as prescribed by your Doctor, please do not forget to pack it. You might get the same there but the chances are somehow less. And obviously you don’t want to fall ill during your vacation and spoil it. So always keep a check onto what things you might be forgetting while packing your bags.

Don’t forget this next time !!


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