Keep calm people because you’re at Haveli !!

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It’s one of the oldest and finest dining place in Jalandhar, Punjab. It’s a place that serves delicious north Indian cuisine and Golden heritage of Punjab in one plate as it was conceptualised as an effort to keep the culture and tradition of Punjab alive for generations to come.

You know everything about that place is simply too amazing to believe. It’s more than a restaurant as it gives you experience of Punjab which is derived from the food stalls serving snacks, cultural stores from where you can get everything which today has lost it’s value but your grandmother told you about.

Punjabi chaska- the food !

You know you are in Punjab when you get to eat the yummiest sarson da saag and makki di roti. I know that it’s available at other places too but the originality and taste which you get here can’t be compared.
At haveli you get served with every North Indian dish , be it Dal Makhani , shahi paneer , karahi paneer , mix veg etc. In such a huge plate and other brass utensils which take you back to the Golden Era. And if you visit Haveli and do not try Ultimate jalebi and Lassi there , then your vist is a complete waste  !! However everything costs average.



The rich culture of Punjab is well depicted in the Ambience and Hospitality of Haveli. The beautiful decor like a life size truck, a dummy well , colourful bangles , Prandis , old styled Utensils etc adds to it ambience. And also the gaming zone and cultural shops for tourists are the attractions.



Rangla Punjab which is a part of Haveli is again one of the best places to visit. It’s basically built like a typical village of Punjab. You can see so many sculptures of people , which actually seem to be real , doing different jobs like weaving , dancing , playing marbles , fetching water. There are sections of the place dedicated to re-creating images of subedar’s house , a kitchen with brass vehicles, jewellers store and a mock up model of a village allowing the guests to get a real glimpse of that era.
At evenings , guests are entertained with live bhangra and gidda , street plays and other activities such as magic show , puppetry, pottery, astrology, horse riding etc.


The yummy veg buffet


You know how it feels when you get to know that you will fully entertained and then you will be served with veg buffet of amazing punjabi food in just ₹450. Isn’t a great deal ? What say ? I personally recommend to you keep space in your stomach till the end for the delicious kesar kheer which is worth mentioning.

So it’s a must visit place if you’re in Jalandhar or if it’s in your way to some other places.

HAVELI , Connecting the Youth to the Roots.


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