All About Triund Trekking!

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For all the adventurists out there and yes for people like me i mean who are basically from plains and wish to go for some trekking but then they find it difficult to do so , i have a perfect trekking place for you guys.
Weekend getaways to hills are always refreshing and enjoyable especially when you travel with your friends. So yes your trip to McLeodganj and Dharamshala is incomplete without triund trek. It is one of the most easiest and most stunning trek in Himachal Pradesh. The trek starts from McLeodganj and ends up with you at the top of the triund Hill. It’s just 10-12 km trek but seems like 50km but it doesn’t matter because you gotta do it !



Some good things about the trek :
1. It is comparatively an easy trek.
2. The place is accessible in all weathers.
And Girls , if you don’t wish to take boys with you for the trek because you want to make it a girls trip , this is right place to go as it’s quite safe.
3. If you wish to stay in a room in case you guys are not comfortable with sleeping in tents or whatever then you have a guest house there on the top of the hill. Isn’t that great ? But you gotta book it quite earlier.
4. Another good thing about this trek is if you do not wish to take your own tents and sleeping bags with you , then it’s not a problem because you can buy it there anytime.
5. When you finally reach on the top , you feel like all the tiredness is gone ! I mean like it’s gone and all of it was worth it!
Some bad things about the trek-
1. Some of you may find it difficult to walk because you are from plains and just not habitual to walk.
2. The small shops during the trek are located at far distances from each other. So you have to walk anyway if you want to something to eat or drink.
3. Once you reach on the top and if you wish to eat something, there are hardly 2 shops and you have no variety and the food is also not even tasty.
4. If you’re planning to trek during July-August , rainfall can just spoil your trekking experience because it rains so heavy during the night that you start fearing of landslides but nothing such happens.
Things to keep in mind :-
1. Always carry water bottles and low fat food with you.
2. Always carry an extra power or battery source for mobile phones or cameras when you go for a trek.
3. Never underestimate the weather of that place so pack some more warm clothes in your backpack.
4. Last but not the least is always carry a first aid box with you because the rain or snow makes the path very slippery thus making you more prone to accidents !



I hope this helped! Keep traveling, keep exploring!


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