Why unplanned trips are AMAZING.

Everytime when we go for a trip we plan everything. We know where we are going and staying, for how long, and how would we get there. But last minute trips are even more amazing. When plans change or things go wrong, just roll with it.

Traveling without a plan gives you incredible flexibility. Since nothing is booked far in advance, you aren’t tethered to one itinerary and can pivot to something different when you change your mind or something better comes along. Letting the day unfold randomly can lead to exciting and unplanned adventures. There will be many experiences that you wouldn’t be able to experience if you rigidly stick to your planned schedule.

However, most new travelers are the opposite – they over plan. Their entire route is scheduled, sometimes down to the specific hour. Two days here, three days there. I understand why people do that. When you have limited time, you want to see as much as possible. You don’t want to waste a single second. That’s true whether you have two weeks or two months of travel ahead of you. It’s a race against the clock.

But in travel, less is more. Spending more time in one place allows you to get a better feel for the rhythm of life. It enables you to visit at a more relaxed pace, see more than just the highlights, and open up your schedule to the happy accidents of travel. Slowing down can make a huge difference.

Go with the flow.

There’s no magic bullet to planning a route, whether it’s through a city or a country. Simply move forward in a continuous loop and avoid doubling back. That way you can keep your transportation costs down and you know where you’re going, but your plan is flexible enough that you can stay in your destination longer or leave sooner if you choose.

Traveling without a plan is a great idea. Traveling with only a semblance of one is even better.


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