We The ‘Foodie’ People.

“I am a foodie, but I dont eat chicken or egg”

How often have we heard this phrase “Oh! of course, I am foodie” but the next moment that person says that they don’t eat chicken and egg. And then you wonder what kind of foodie they really are, well they are not really foodie people, they just like to eat. I am sure you would have figured it out by now what I will tell you today, YES! We are going to talk about the types of foodie we see in everyday life. Who are not really a foodie.

  1. The Social Media Puppy.
    • This person is obsessed with putting pictures of her food on Instagram or Snapchat not bothering if the food is getting cold or not. They probably have this passion of clicking pictures of food and obsessed with likes. But these people are also hell-bent on trying new food everytime they get a chance.
  2. Do it yourselves.
    • This person does not want to try anything from the outside and they don’t have a problem with making everything in their house. Maybe because they are just scared of the germs and the kinds of stuff they would use behind the kitchen doors. But the best part about these people is that they know what to make and how to make it.
  3. The Junkie.
    • This foodie is only depended on the fast food. They can go to McDonalds, KFC, Subway anytime of the day and be content with the food. They don’t want to try anything new.
  4. Allergic Foodie
    • This foodie just has a problem with all the things, they can’t have milk because they are lactose intolerant and then they can’t have wheat because it makes them bloated. And the end up having just the salad.

These are some kind of weird foodie people who claim to be a foodie but we all know they are not. And if you are a foodie then prove it by eating things you love, try new cuisines, open up yourself to different tastes. Cause that is what a foodie does.



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