Pocket Full of Sunshine!

These are few stories which I came across when I travel to different places. Have a look , so that we can know more about people from different parts of the country. Learn about their looks , their   experiences and their lifestyle.



On a Railway Station – Seema & Rajesh , both were very cheerful . I met them during my travel journey to Jodhpur on a railway station.  They both were really happy to see a camera in my hand and  became over excited when I asked them if I can click a picture of them. Seema was a little afraid to talk to me at first but later on she was fine. But Rajesh was super-cool and confirmed whether he was looking good or not.

Lesson learnt – Be happy with what life offers!



On a Trek- I met her on a trek to Trihund . Her name is Champa and She lives in a small house , feeds cows and has a small Maggi and Biscuit Shop for the people who trek to Trihund. When I asked her about whether she is happy with her life – she replied ” you just need two meals a day to survive and she is happy with it” .

Lesson learnt – Life is how we take it !


Colors of Life – This picture was taken by me in Shimla from a car window.The Vibrant colors of the buildings depicts the the variations in human life. After seeing this, what one experience is just happiness.

Lesson learnt – Life is full of different opportunities. So just grab it!


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