United With “The Bruised Passports.”

Imagine how amazing would it be to wake up in different parts of the globe every morning with your loved ONE right beside you. That’s how the Bruised Passports couple live their life.

This couple lives a life which everyone wishes to live.

The dream of traveling and living together started from the backseat of there school bus and turned  into a reality in 2008 when Vidit Taneja and Savi Mujal exchanged rings in courts and started traveling as a couple. Their love for travelling  made them quit their jobs. After travelling 65 countries in the last 8 years they finally quit their jobs in 2015. And now they are full time travelers.

The couple started it by exploring at least one place every month & with time started loving it.

After attending one of the meetups of Bruised Passports in Delhi, I personally fell in love with their energy & enthusiasm.

It was a very interactive session. Both Savi & Vid blended in so well with everyone as if they had known us for years. They discussed about their love for TRAVEL & so for each other which have brought them in this stage of life where they are today.

Savi told about her love for different kinds of attires & accessories which she manage to match up with the destination they are in. And Vid on the other hand love to capture the moments of their traveling experience.

This is how this beautiful couple keep on filling the empty spaces in their hearts with the places where they visit together!!



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