What’s there in the name, when they’re offering the same. PIRATES OF GRILL v/s BARBEQUE NATION

Both Pirates of Grill and Barbeque Nation have the same concept of Hot , Crispy and Grilled buffet but with some little variations which your eyes and mind definitely can’t ignore.

It’s our God given right to eat as much as we want , whenever we want to , and all you can eat , buffets are the perfect manifestation of that ethos .

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The main course and desserts are extremely good and variety in desserts is comparatively more than BBQ NATION . Starters are not good as much as of BBQ , but there is a huge range of Kebab Platter which is worth mentioning about this place. One unique and the best thing about this place is that they customize the dishes according to customers preferences.

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Barbeque nation

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when you want to fill your stomach to the brim this is the place to go. Being the oldest premium buffet place, the variety of food available to keep on the barbeque  remains the charm of the place, the buffet is however very average. Marwari Tikka is one of the best offerings in the starters but when it comes to main course, the obvious comparison with pirates of grill stands tall. The place is highly recommended for all the gol-gappa lovers. And what’s better than when you go to a restaurant’s staff serve you a cake and sing a jingle because it’s your birthday.


Ambience and music

The ambience and music are more or less the same at both the places. Both the places are very crowded and gave a congested kind of a feeling due to close placements of the tables. It may spoil your dining experience but at the end it doesn’t even matter when you’re a big time fooodiee!!

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Every penny is worth spending when it comes to food!

BBQ nation is bit more expensive than pirates of grill with ₹1500 approx for two persons whereas at Pirates it is ₹1200 with service charges extra.


Barbeque nation- 4.4/ 5

Pirates of grill- 4.8/5

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Some little tips from our side

What I feel whenever you’re going out for a buffet you should never start with drinks and shouldn’t get very tempted, just try all the varieties, tastes them, don’t over eat, try the main course as well and try sticking to limited food which wouldn’t make you feel heavy and you can enjoy your food. Lastly, whenever you’re hungry and you want to feast like a king and pay pennies for it, don’t give it a second thought!

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