The Backpack list

It is never easy getting your head around what you need to take. Deep down you know overpacking is a terrible idea while travelling but when you have no idea what might await you, it is always best to be prepared for as many possibilities as you can.

Nevertheless, it is never easy to put together a list of items to recommend to take because it always depends on the destination and climate. One must always pack light because you need to stick to your backpack and travel with it all the time.

So the backpack list goes as follows :

  • Essential clothing:  Clothes are bulky, so it is advisable to take minimum clothes and of decent quality and fit for multiple purposes. Clothing depends on climate of the place, so pack  accordingly.

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  • Footwear:  Most people while travelling are stressed about how many pair of footwear you need to take . You must always carry light and compact footwear. One must wear weather proof and comfortable footwear with thick soles.

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  • Other Essentials:1) Trek type towel,the ones that claim to absorb several 100% of their weight and are fast drying. 2) Umbrella, a light compact one. 3) Water bottles, they are great when trekking. 4)Swiss army knife, is a multi-purpose strong and durable knife and they are great when trekking. 5) A good torch may come in handy in dark places and to light up your tent at night.

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  • First aid : Sometimes things might get out of hands and you or your companions might get injured so make your own medical kit up and keep it small just what you need to get through any bad times

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  • Wash kit: Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodrants and toothbrush all these things are very important.

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In the end, it all comes to your subjective needs and requirements. No matter how prepared you are, a trip is only memorable when it doesn’t go as planned. So the most important thing to keep in your backpack is your spirit of adventure and a “never back down”! attitude.


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